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Power Studio

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • Fixed a defect in the Item Download plugin that caused the volume envelope for the beds, which are not the first bed, to sometimes not be applied correctly
  • Fixed databinding for the Download Item's process-field in the Action section
  • Various internal fixes and improvements

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • Mix points would sometimes disappear in the Mix Editor when editing a volume curve.
  • The list of soundcards is now sorted alphabetically, which makes it easier to find a card, when many have been installed on a machine
  • Updated external libraries for performance and security improvement
  • Various internal fixes and improvements

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue in the Track properties screen that sometimes caused the Exclude tab to not open
  • Fixed an issue that can cause the application to leak database connections, especially on unstable connections such as over the internet
  • Fixed the "Advanced" database connection properties screen after a breaking change in the database library
  • Fixed an "invisible" error in the upload to Power Traffic which sometimes caused some Static Items to not be uploaded to the server
  • Updated the SSH / SFTP components for increased performance and stability
  • Various internal fixes and improvements

Tracks Browser
The new search algorithm made the search-text box feel sluggish on older or slower computers. Fixed this by performing the search on a background thread.

Formats / Scheduler
Display an error message when one tries to delete a Clock Format or Static Item that is still in use.

Power Sync
Made preparations for Power Studio to communicate to Power Sync Client, to enable near-real time uploads of (voice)tracks. After this, this functionality can be implemented in the next version of the Power Sync Client.

Power Traffic
Made preparations for Power Studio to communicate track/commercial deletions to Power Traffic. After this, this functionality can be implemented in the next version of Power Traffic.

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with a 3rd party library which caused issues in Multi Studio mode and could also impact other connection-related functionality
  • Made the database layer resilient to Tracks without an Artist linked to them
  • Improved the data access configuration mechanism
  • Updated the SSH / SFTP components for increased performance and stability
  • Various internal fixes and improvements

This version of Power Studio improves the way concurrent internal workloads are handled. This results in a lower thread count and lower system load. Power Studio now also runs even better on machines with modest specifications.

Fixed a database-related issue that would sometimes cause instability on very fast computers with a high core count.

In the Options & Settings the option "Auto player select on manual start" was added. When this option is selected, a track is only assigned to a Playout Player, when the track is played by the user.
Note: because a track is not pre-assigned to a player, there is no "next track"-indication on the player (nor on the mixer, even if the mixer and Power Studio plugin support it.)

The Track-duration being displayed in the playlist (and xml files) is now the Effective Duration (as opposed to the File Duration that was shown before)

The content type of external files dragged into a playlist can now be set in the Options & Settings screen. By default the content type is Miscellaneous, just as it has been in previous versions.

Sometimes it could occur that the "Listen tot the current item" / PFL function in the playlist would not play the currently selected item, but the previously selected item. This has been fixed.

Tracks Browser
Improved searching to better handle non-standard characters. It is now possible to search for a track by "P!nk" by typing "pink" or searching for a track by "Bjørk" by typing "bjork".

Columns can now be sorted ascending and descending by pressing the column header multiple times.

Added Created on and Modified on as optional columns.

The search box can now be cleared with the Escape key.

Track Editor
When checking the Fade In or Fade Out check boxes, a default value for the fade in or fade out is inserted. (This values can obviously be altered afterwards)

Mix Editor
Added support for the mouse's horizontal scrolling wheel to scroll left and right.

MixEditor now immediately reflects (important) changes in tracks, analogous to how playlists already did.

Fixed an issue where the Mix Editor would lock up in some edge cases.

Batch Import
When a value is entered or changed, it is automatically checked so it is applied during the import.

The values used during the last import, are now saved and used as the start values during the next import session. These values are stored per user/per computer.

Item Download plugin
Added the possibility to download files using SFTP (SSH file transfer).
Note: when the new SFTP functionality is being used, all Power Studio installations must be updated!

RestAPI plugin
Upgraded SwaggerUI to version 5.10.5.

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • Improved storing window locations and user-settings
  • When a window's last position is outside the current screen dimensions, the window is moved inside the visible screen space when it is opened
  • Updated database components for increased performance and stability
  • Updated BASS audio components for increased performance and stability
  • Updated the database migration library
  • Updated external libraries for improved performance, stability, security and compatibility with the OS
  • Improved the TLS-security configuration (e.g. for downloads) to follow the OS defaults
  • Switched the error/crash reporting system to BugSnag
  • Various internal fixes and improvements

Selected CardSet is now being remembered per user, per machine

Fixed defect some small defects related to the loading of tracks and files

Mix editor
When Auto save is enabled, it is now no longer necessary to to wait for the mix to be saved before navigating to the next segue

Fixed an issue that caused the mix editors cursor to not be shown in the correct position when the zoom function was used previously

Fixed an issue that caused the mix editor to not be able to navigate to the first or last item of the playlist

RestAPI plugin
Access-Control-Allow-Origin no longer defaults to, but to * (as SwaggerUI is now embedded and doesn't need CORS...).

Upgraded SwaggerUI to version 4.13.2.

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • Updated copyright year
  • Power Studio and the Configuration Tool can now better detect database connection issues and notify the user when they occur
  • Various internal fixes and improvements

The time display of the Cart player can now be configured to display time Elapsed, time Remaining and counting down Intros.

When updating a Track, it is now updated when it is currently loaded in the Carts player. (Analogue to Tracks in the playlist.)

Mix editor
Added Undo functionality to the Mix editor screen.

Improved what tracks are automatically loaded in the Mix Editor (when navigating to the previous/next segue or opening the Mix Editor without selecting multiple tracks) to better support insert-items in the playlist.

Changed the Open Mix Editor button functionality, to now always send the selection of the top most playlist screen (or the currently selected playlist screen, which would also be the top most) to the Mix Editor.

Item Download plugin
Added fix for invalid DateTime formats in podcast RSS feeds

Improved filename and -extension detection in HTTP / Podcast downloads.

Improved the licensing system, to better support changing a Power Studio instance to a different license, by updating the license file in the program's folder.

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • Fixed a defect that caused some menu items to not be available in setups where no users have been configured
  • Updated database and other external packages
  • Various internal fixes and improvements

Players are now reloaded when a Player is started manually. Because of this the next players are now always up to date with upcoming tracks.

Added stereo-upmixing for mono-files.

Made the MultiSelect Drag/Drop behavior to be more like Windows Explorer. (Which is more intuitive.)
Fixed a defect that would cause moving a set of items to sometimes reverse the order of the items when dragging them down.

Added an "Auto send to mix editor" setting. To enable this click right in the playlist and go to "Settings > Auto send to mix editor".

Added an auto save setting to MixEditor. To enable this click right in the mix editor and go to "Settings > Auto save".

RestAPI plugin
Access-Control-Allow-Origin no longer defaults to, but to * (as SwaggerUI is now embedded and doesn't need CORS...).

Upgraded SwaggerUI to version 4.11.1.

Updated the settings module to prevent some issues that sometimes occur in setups wilt a large number of (remote) Power Studio clients.

Screen positions in setups with multiple Power Studio clients on one machine are now saved correctly.

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • Fixed defect in the Multi Studio module that sometimes caused the incorrect item to start playing when the studio switched to Central Playout during linked items e.g. a block of commercials
  • Improved reliability of the notification connection that is responsible for keeping settings and playlists in sync across multiple Power Studio clients
  • Updated external packages resulting in performance and security improvements in database access and logging

Fixed an issue that could cause a set of linked-items in the playlist stop playing the next item, when a playlist item that comes after the linked-items-set is started.

Item Download Plugin
A bug in the BassMix.dll component, could make the split function less precise. Fixed this by updating BassMix.dll.

Mix editor
Added insert functionality. Normally tracks or jingles should "link up". Items can now be dragged out of this normal flow, in insert mode. In this mode the item can be placed freely on top of an underlying track.
In Automation Mode these inserts are automatically played as inserts. In Live Assist mode, the inserts should be linked to the underlying track to be played as insert.

Recordings are now made through the more modern WASAPI drivers, with a fallback to the legacy Directsound driver, if no WASAPI driver is available.

Note: WASAPI can be more critical with regard to the sample frequency that is used. Please make sure that Power Studios sample frequency (in Options & Settings > Audio Routing > Advanced audio settings...) is the same as the sound cards sample frequency in the Windows sound settings.

Fixed a defect that would cause the volume to not change (e.g. stay silent), when two volume points in a volume envelope, would have the same time code (vertical line).

Fixed a defect with updating the voice tracks when a consecutive voice track is being recorded.

It is now possible to drag files into the Cart Players, from Windows Explorer.

Added the time-mode "Time remaining for individual linked items", which causes the different linked items to be counted down individually while the bar displays the position in the linked set (and counts down the intros...)

Item Download Plugin
Added the "Fallback on error"-setting to Source-page. When this setting is enabled, the last successful download is cached. In case of an error downloading the next item, this cached download is reused, to prevent the Macro just being removed from the playlist.

By default these cached files are stored locally on the computer. In case of multiple playout machines (e.g. in a Multi-Studio setup), a Custom Cache Folder can be configured which can be used by all playout machines.

Rest API
Added an endpoint to post a TrackModel structure to api/track, to create/update tracks from the API.

Added endpoints under api/track/categories/... which can be added to the classification-sets in TrackModel.

Added the endpoint api/track/build/programline/{id} which creates a ProgramLogLineModel that can be added to the lines-part in a ProgramLogModel to more easily edit/create playlists.

Added endpoint api/application/version which can be used to obtain the application's version number.

Added startOffset and hasStartOffset in ProgramLogLineModel to support item-inserts in playlists.

Removed legacy fade in/out fields from ProgramLogLineModel.

Fixed typo in ProgramLogLineModel.StartPosition. (The old field is deprecated and will be removed in the next version.)

Added Location-header to response of POST of ProgramLog and Track so the caller knows how to find them again.

String lengths are now being validated in data that is POSTed to the API.

SwaggerUI is now embedded in the application to prevent security issues with increasing security demands in Chrome.

D&R Airlite plugin
Each channel of the D&R Airlite mixer can now be assigned to any player or cart (in pre-select mode). It is now also possible to choose to use button- or fader-start. (just like in the D&R Airence plugin)

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • A message is now shown when the application version is out-of-sync with the database
  • Added a check for application updates
  • Fixed defect in calculating the start times in the playlist
  • When a track is updated make sure these updates are also reflected in the list when it is filtered afterwards
  • Removed potential deadlock in the application's shutdown sequence
  • Updated BASS-audio engine to the most recent version
  • Updated database libraries to the most recent version to improve query-speed
  • Small fixes and improvements

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • Fixed a memory leak in the Track Editor which could lead to instabilities due to (too) high memory usage after editing a large number of tracks

This release fixes a bug that was introduced in release 1.18.7 where, when playing or queueing up a web or live stream in the playout playlist could cause the application to crash.
This has been fixed in this release. Web and live streams play correctly, also connection issues with web streams are handled correctly again.

Track import
ID3 tags were sometimes skipped when importing tracks into the database. This has been fixed.

Settings / Macros
Added functionality to enable macro execution only on specific machines.  

This is useful in setups with multiple Power Studio instances, where some instances are only used for production purposes. In these cases it is now possible to have only playout machines execute macros (and don't have production machines 'steal' the macros from them), while the production machines still can have the Item Download Plugin enabled, so they are able to generate valid playlists.

Improved reliability of forced playlist breaks, especially in multi-studio mode. This fixes the issue of filled out commercials or top-of-the-hour news bulletins not always triggering correctly.   

Release 1.18.5 introduced a bug where, when linked tracks had the Next Start-cue point aligned with the file's end, sometimes two tracks would be started simultaneously. This has been fixed.  

Also some edge-cases that occurred when switching from or to a live studio, near the end of hour are resolved.

Mix editor
Fixed an issue that could cause the UI of the application to lock after making an edit in the mix editor, when the database's response took longer than expected.

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • Improved handling of database errors and timeouts
  • Numerous performance improvements
  • Updated external libraries- Small fixes and improvements

Known issue
Adding live/web streams to the playlist causes the application to crash when the the live/webstream item is played or cue'ed up.

Release 1.18.5 introduced a bug where, when switching to Automation mode, the players sometimes incorrectly displayed a currently playing track moving to the Automation channel. The playout continued to play on the player's original channel and switched to the Automation channel only when the next track started, as it should. This has been fixed in this release.

When a track is being played in PFL and it has been dragged to a new location, sometimes the item at the "old location" would not play though PFL when clicked immediately afterwards. This has been fixed.

The playlist is now always scaled to fill all available width when opening a Playlist screen.

Mix editor
When an intro of a track is trimmed past the end of the previous track, that track is no longer placed at the end of the previous track, but is placed at the original start next position.

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • Timestamps in the REST API no longer include time zones and are no longer converted to UTC but are assumed to be local times.
  • Small fixes and improvements

Library Import tool
Added support for migrating Aeron Studio PostgreSQL databases to the Power Studio database.

Mix editor
Made it easier to trim tracks outside the bounds of the previous or next track.

Added a dialog to warn against navigating away from playlist with changes. (Which would result in losing these changes.) This dialog can be turned off by the user on a per-machine basis.

Added "Planning artist analysis" screens to the Playlist and Track Browse screens. This new function gives an overview of when an artist has been scheduled, in a similar manner as the "Planning track analysis" screen.

When adding/removing items from the Playlist Editor, the scrolling-position is maintained (prevents jumping up of the playlist...)

Fixed an error that would occur when a non-supported file type was dropped into the playlist.

Added support for the *.s48 file format

In some edge cases, an extra track would be started when playout was switched to automation-mode close to to the end of the hour. This has been fixed.

When playing a set of linked tracks in the playlist and switching to automation playout mode, the playout would sometimes switch to be heard on the soundcard/channel configured for automation playout. The player that started the playout however, would still be showing as playing. This has been fixed.

Visual Radio Assist plugin
Tracks with special (non-ascii) characters in its title or artist name, would result in questionmark-characters in the titles that are displayed in Visual Radio Assist. This has been fixed.

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • Updated the external libraries used to their latest versions
  • Small fixes and improvements

Improved general stability by fixing a memory leak that sometimes caused unpredictable behavior or crashes.

During playout, the start time of filled out items is now also calculated when the next playlist is not yet loaded.

Item download plugin
Fixed an issue with some (podcast) downloads, where the web server disallowed the download (by returning error 403). Fixed this by adding a user-agent header to the download request.

Axia / Livewire control plugin
Added more fine grained control to the Livewire control commands, the Livewire plugin sends to the mixer. This allows for working around an issue between version 2.11 of the Axia Livewire driver and an IQ mixer core, when using the "ready state" function or updating the channel's labels.

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • Updated the external libraries used to their latest versions
  • Small fixes and improvements

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • The REST API used the swagger-ui instance hosted by However because of starting to enforce strict transport security, it is no longer usable for the locally hosted REST API. Because of this, we have replaced it by a swagger-ui instance hosted at the domain.

Multi Studio
Fixed Forced playlist breaks change not triggering in Multi Studio mode.

The players would sometimes jump back to the previous position, e.g. when items are dropped in a player...
This is now fixed.

Fixed issue that caused the playlist's start times to reset to the original values when the start times are recalculated.

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • Improved loading of some VST plugins
  • The Power Traffic interface does no longer download commercials in Training Mode (to prevent blocking future days from planning new commercials...)

Updated to Microsoft .NET framework 4.8
Power Studio has been updated to the latest .NET framework version. Because of this we have been able to update the database and other libraries that Power Studio uses internally. This increases the performance and solves a large number of smaller bugs that we were not able to fix because we were stuck on old versions of some of these libraries. Also the BASS audio library has been updated to the latest version.

As a result of this support for Windows XP and Windows Vista has been dropped. The application should work on Windows 7, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012, 8.1, Server 2012 R2, 10, Server 2016 and Server 2019, however we only actively support it on Windows versions which are currently supported by Microsoft.

Drag-and-drop on players
It is now possible to drop tracks and files directly onto the players of the playout playlist. This replaces the tracks which are currently loaded into that player and in the playout playlist.
This makes for much faster last-minute changes on-air.

Playout playlist
An indication has been added to the playout playlist, indicating if a playlist has a floating, exact of manual program change.

Improved forced program changes, both stand alone and in a Multi-Studio environment.

Improved time calculation within the playlist.

Corrupt playlist lines are now automatically removed from the playlist, to prevent the playout from stalling.

VisualRadioAssist link plugin
An integration had been added for VisualRadioAssist, using the VisualRasioAssist link plugin.
This allows for starting video clips in exact sync with Power Studio's audio playout as well as triggering track titles. Power Studio can trigger actions in VRA when items are started in the Cart players. Power Studio also informs VisualRadioAssist of a configurable number of upcoming tracks. (up to 100)

A REST API plugin has been added for custom integrations with Power Studio.
This plugin adds functionality to access and update playlists, control playout and fetch detailed track information. The REST API has an integrated Swagger document which makes the API self-documenting and allows for automatically generating client code for the API. SwaggerUI functionality has been added to increase ease of development.

Please note that support on API client development falls outside regular support and might require additional consultancy.

Mix editor
Added a render function to the mix editor which can render the contents of the mix to a audio file.

ASIO playback
Improved stability of the playout through ASIO audio devices.

Axia / Livewire control plugin
Version 2.11 of the Axia Livewire driver contains a bug which can cause high DPC latency values on some machines. In those cases pops or clicks can be introduced by the driver when Power Studio sends GPIO commands to the driver.
This version of the Axia / Livewire control plugin implements a workaround that works around this bug to reduce the occurrence of these pops or clicks.

The track titles being sent to the Axia mixers display are now trucated to 10 characters as per the LWRP protocol.

Xml / icecast / shoutcast title plugins
Improved the way the next item is determined in de Xml title plugin.
In a multi-studio environment, titles are only sent by the Power Studio instance which is OnAir.

Configuration transformation
Added configuration transformation functionality to the Configuration tool, which makes it easier to deploy modifications in the configuration file.
The transformation files use the Xdt transform syntax.

Item download plugin
Improved reliability of file copy actions withing the plugin.
The rendered filename is made even more unique (in case the download action is triggered 2 times and the file is still locked.

Playlist creation Switched order of the Artist separation rule and the Track separation rule, so artist separation is dropped before track separation. Which would prevent a specific track from being repeated too much, when not enough tracks are available because of artist separation.

Power Traffic integration
Reduced load load on the database when commercial blocks are imported in the playlists.
Fixed issue with importing commercials which have already been (accidentally) removed from the database.

Log files
Added functionality to automatically clean up log files after a configurable number of days.

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • Added configuration tool and other Power Studio utilities to the Windows Start menu.
  • The Fill out checkbox is unchecked when the Clock Format line is moved to a place where Fill out is not allowed.
  • Real time lines can now have the Fill out flag enabled in generated playlists.
  • Fixed defect with switching from Training mode to Live assist mode.
  • Fixed possible database issue when files with a very long filename are dropped into the playlist.
  • Added Application settings with a setting for Process priority and an experimental setting for Low latency Garbage Collection.
  • After updating the database, perform a normal VACUUM as opposed to VACUUM FULL which takes longer, locks the tables, has a risk of timeouts.
  • Various small fixes and improvements

The playout playlist now retains the times a which a track has been started, even when the playlist is refreshed from the database.
Improved error handling for dragging tracks in the playlist from Windows Explorer.

Multi Studio
Made the Central Playout-side of the Multi Studio network code more resilient and less likely to hang the playout in case of a connection issue.
Fixed a possible freeze in Multi Studio mode, when "Force playlist breaks in live mode" is enabled.
Fixed a defect in Multi Studio mode that sometimes caused the countdown color to not change when the live studio became active after xx:50...

Download Item Plugin
Fixed defect in re-rendering files that were downloaded by the Download Item Plugin.

Library Import
Added support for Jazler Radiostar version 2.11 and up to the LibraryUpdate tool.

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • Fixed excessive logging in the VM140 plugin
  • Added throttling to the commercials-replace burst on a new playlist and first playlist of the day
  • Added caching for Power Traffic and Block Import macros when the playlist is created which reduces the load on the system
  • Fixed repeated loading/unloading when the last playlist of the day is unloaded before midnight (with floating playlist transitions)
  • Improved sending notifications to other Power Studio instances on playlist and settings changes
  • Improved the warning message that is shown when a generated playlist is too short
  • Fixed issue in version 1.17.3 that would sometimes give errors when the software was installed for the first time on a certain machine

Shoutcast Title Plugin
Added support for Shoutcast V2 to the Shoutcast title plugin.
Added more sensible defaults to IceCast & Shoutcast title plugins.

Item Download Plugin
Made some improvements to better handle unreliable network situations

  • Copying source files and publishing rendered files now also has a retry mechanism (just like ftp and http)
  • The rendered filename is made even more unique (in case the download action is triggered 2 times and the file is still locked
  • All retry times have been increased to 5 seconds

Fixed some small defects in the Item Download Plugin UI

Default values
Added better default values for

  • MixEditor mode: Manual start
  • Players time mode: Time remaining with intro
  • Power Traffic macro processing moment: When the first playlist of a day is loaded

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • Added extra confirmation before deleting Tracks + Audio files
  • Added Id-field to the playlist export
  • When the connection is lost in a Live Web Stream, the next item to be played is recalculated, before starting the next item.
  • The MixEditor now handles changes in playlist lines that are already loaded in the MixEditor better.
  • Updated LabJack driver download link to
  • Upgraded the BASS audio libraries
  • Various small fixes and improvements

IceCast title plugin
In the IceCast title plugin, a seperate server and port number can be used for each end-point when the "Server per mountpoint"-checkbox is checked.

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • The Now Playling plugins now don't publish the item when in Training Mode.
  • Fixed issue with remote forced program change events that sometimes caused the first item to be skipped.
  • Improved connection stability for Vm140 cards.
  • Fixed issue with navigating through the fields of the Track Editor dialog with the Tab key.
  • The Track Editor dialog can now be closed with Esc and saved with Enter key.
  • The Track Browser can now be closed with Esc and saved with Enter key when it is used to select a track from the playlist.

Download Item plugin
The Download Item's settings screen has been redesigned to improve usability.

The plugin can now automatically split a file into multiple parts which can be separated by a separator-sound or can each have their own music bed.
Splitting a file is done, based on the silence between the different parts.

A file that has been split into multiple parts can have different beds at the end of the file, e.g. for weather or a closing part.

Note: The Pre-start time now plays before the end of the previous part and does not cause the previous bed to stop earlier. This give you more control in configuring the perfect segue between the different parts, but may require you to review the Pre-start time for the Bed close, if you are currently using the "Fade-out pre-start" setting.

X Keys control plugin
Support X-Keys XK-24 keyboard for remote control. It can be used to start jingles, control the mixeditor (e.g for voicetracking) navigate to the next playlist in live mode, and switch between live-assist and automation.

Playlist export
Playlist can now also be exported in CSV format.
Exports can be made for the current hour, current day and for a specified date range.

Axia / Livewire control plugin
The plugin can now display the player's Track-titles/artists in the Axia mixer.

Playlist scheduler An item's day part now always follows the playlist's corrected start time. (Corrected, means that 11:59:54 is regarded as 12:00:00)
Because of this the day part of fillout-items in playlists that take up more than 60 minutes, is now always correct.

An issue has been resolved in the "Ignore category separation when only one item is selected"-function.

Playlist Insight now indicates why an item has been disallowed or when Category Separation has been ignored.

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • Added duration and EndTime to Xml now-playing-file.
  • Corrected name of "StartTime" element within the BroadcastMonitor element to "updated" in the now-playing Xml file, which better represents it's function.
  • Made an improvement to the available tracks estimation in the Clock Format editor.
  • Fixed a defect in the Multi-Studio module.
  • Fixed a defect in the Mix Editor that allowed a track to be placed before it's preceding track, which is not supported.
  • Fixed a defect in the Analysis tab, that caused the data to be mirrored in the graph.
  • Improved central settings store

Download Item Plugin
This update adds support for HTTPS downloads with TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2.

A growing number of sites are no longer allowing TLS 1.0 to be used in HTTPS downloads. (E.g. NOS in the Netherlands) This results in the error "Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel". This update fixes that by enabling more secure protocols.

Note that this requires at least version 4.6 of the .NET Framework Runtime to be installed.\ We recommend downloading the latest version here:

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • Improved the way volume changes during playout in files with different sample frequencies is handled
  • When selecting a file with the file selecting dialog in the plugins, the chosen file would sometimes not "stick" without first exiting the field, e.g. with TAB. This is now no longer necessary.

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • The batch add screen now displays the track that is currently being imported
  • When a very large batch of tracks is being imported, the software could become less responsive for some time because of background processing that is done when tracks are added. This has been fixed.
  • Improved speed of identifying which files are already in the database.

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • Improved navigation speed in the Mix Editor
  • Improved speed of Delete Playlist function
  • Improved the loading speed for playlists
  • Mix Editor is more resilient to database timeouts
  • Added indication in the playlist when a commercial block from Power Traffic contains a spot that has already been deleted

Playout Engine
Fixed issue that caused some sound devices to initialize incorrectly, causing silence or unexpected behavior on some computers.

Added a setting to force the playout engine to fall back to legacy DirectSound drivers, even when WASAPI drivers are available. This improves stability with some 'buggy' sound devices.

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • The spacebar no longer triggers pre-listening playout, when using the Tracks Browser's search box
  • When a Track is used in a future playlist, it is now no longer possible to change it's audio file
  • Improved the speed of the Track-delete function
  • Fixed deadlock that may occur when a live/web stream continuously fails
  • Fixed issue caused web streams to sometimes play through a live-player, when automation was activated

Added setting to automatically switch to automation mode and start the news/fillout items when in live mode and the next playlist does not have floating start enabled. The "Force playlist breaks in live mode"-setting can be enabled on a per-machine basis.

This functionality also works in multi-studio mode.

Tracks Browser
Added a "Add single track" button, to add single track to the database (note that Batch Add is still the recommended way to add tracks to the database!) Also the select file button on the Track Edit screen has been implemented.

The PFL-function can now be activated using the space bar (just like in the Mix Editor). Of course CTRL+P also still works. When PFL is playing in Tracks Browser and Playlis and another track is selected (with cursor keyse of mouse), that track is played in PFL.

The Tracks Browser can now also filter on Content Type.

Clearing the searchbox using the delete-button, now no longer attemps to delete the selected track.

Carts Player
Added the ability to remove jingles from the Carts Player list.

Web Streams
Added retry and reconnect functionality to the playout of Web Streams.

When an invalid or disabled Web Stream is started, the players are no longer blocked. Silence is played instead. If the stream still can't be played in a couple of seconds, the software continues with the scheduled backup tracks.

Library Import
The Library Import tool now supports importing Zenlex databases.

Playout Engine
Upgraded the BASS audio engine to the latest version. Power Studio now favors WASAPI drivers over WDM drivers (when available) for playout. An issue that sometimes occured when dropping files into a playlist as well as a specific deadlock situation has been fixed.

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • The Item Download plugin now has file selection dialogs for local/network file settings.
  • Added improved logging for failed WDM audio drivers

Item download plugin
Two new wildcards were added to the Item download plugin:

  • DayOfWeekNL - Day of week for the playlist in Dutch, e.g. maandag
  • DayOfWeekNr - Number of the day of the week for the playlist starting on 1, e.g. 1(=Monday), 2(=Tuesday)

Also the FTP-downloader now correctly interprets wildcards in file names and directories.

The Intro-time column in the playlist screen, now takes into account any cuts off the beginning of the track.

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • Improved reliability of cue-point scanning during track-import
  • Fixed excessive memory usage growth which sometimes occurred during recording of voice tracks and with the recorder
  • Fixed issue where the Mix Editor was not able to receive focus (and did not react to keyboard short cuts as a result of that), when it was opened though the playlist's context-menu
  • Fixed an error that occurred when exporting playlists to PDF files, when certain versions of Internet Explorer are installed

D&R Airence control plugin
Each channel of the D&R Airence mixer can now be assigned to any player or cart (in pre-select mode). It is now also possible to choose to use button- or fader-start.

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • Improved stability and resource-use
  • Fixed defect in the multi-studio function, that caused all audio-channels to switch to silent when one of the studios updated their settings
  • Improved the storing of local settings

When switching from live-assist to automation, the players are immediately reloaded. This used to be after the first track had finished. Especially for users with less than 4 players in use, this is a significant improvement.

Bug fixes

  • The cursor in the Track Editor's player now moves with the current position again. (this broke in version 1.15.4)
  • The Year and Tempo columns in the Track Browser are now shown correctly.

In "Advanced Audio Settings", a setting "Process recordings offline" is added which allows older computers to perform encoding and processing tasks (e.g. applying processing or encoding to FLAC, MP3) after the recording is finished as opposed to on-the-fly.

Fixed issue that occurred on some newer machines running Windows 10, were occasionally some pops occurred in the recorded material.

General improvements
A large number of stability improvements have been administered. This fixes a lot of edge-cases where Power Studio would sometimes display unexpected behavior.

Bug fixes

  • The auto-update of playlists and settings, triggered by other Power Studio instances would sometimes stop working. This has been fixed.
  • Various minor fixes and optimizations

Playlist scheduler
Under special conditions, some hard-to-plan lines, could be altered by the playlist scheduler when altering/dropping unbreakable rules. This has been corrected; altering/dropping unbreakable rules while creating playlists now does not result in permanent changes in the Clock Format.

Taking a track's Bpm into account while creating playlists has been optimized.

Labjack U3 plugin
Added support for U3-HV. Because of restrictions within the U3-HV device, the pins FIO0-FIO3 can not be used.

Some small bugfixes.

Bug fixes

  • Minor fixes in the Track Editor's, mix-point editor.
  • Improved stability of remote updating of playlists and settings.
  • Improved performace of the multi-studio functionality.
  • Various minor fixes and optimalizations

Track editor
In the Track Editor, cue points, such as Start Point, Fade in, Intro, Start next and Fade out can now also be set by dragging them to the desired position with the mouse.

Play start/stop keyboard shortcuts (CTRL-P / Spacebar) now pauses when pressed a second time, as opposed to stopping and resetting it's position

Download items plugin
The Download Item plugin, now also supports downloading items from a podcast/rss feed, such as podcasts or church services through Kerkdienst Gemist.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed defect where zooming in caused the height of the waveform to change
  • Multiple bugfixes in the LabJack plugin

When a playlist is modified on a different computer, this change is immediately visible on other computers having that playlist open. This means that a producer can add an interview or track while the show is already on air.

In the playlist screens it has been made possible to add a column with the intro times of the tracks.

Tracks browser
In the track browser it is now possible to add columns containing album title, intro time, track tempo and year.

Track editor
The wave display in the track editor has been improved. Start, intro and next-start-positions are now more clearly marked. It is also possible to zoom in deeper and more precise. The mouse can now be used to zoom in and start playback.

Mix editor and recorder
The recording routines have now been implemented in unmanaged code, to provide even more recording-stability.

The settings of the Item Download Plugin (content ingestion) and are now shared between all Power Studio instances.

The settings of the Shoutcast, Icecast, Omnia A/XE / Telos ProSTREAM and Xml titles plugins are now shared between al Power Studio instances.

All changes to the settings of the plugin are now immediately active. Only turning a plugin on or off, requires an application restart.

External schedulers
The block import in Power Studio now also handles external playlists that combine all hours of a day into one file.

A Power Gold Link-tool has been added to automatically link Power Studio tracks to the corresponding items in Power Gold.

When a setting had been changed, this change is immediately active on all running Power Studio instances, even if they are on a different computer.

Bug fixes

  • The grid-settings of the playlist screens is correctly used.
  • Fixed the encoding of the settings-files on the local computer
  • Fixed a calculation error in the track-count estimates in the Clock Format editor, which occurred when new items were added to a Clock Format.

Mix editor and Recorder
Fixed issue that sometimes caused Power Studio to use more memory and decrease the recording quality when a large number of recordings were made.

Mix editor
Spectacular improvement in zoom in/out-speed of the mix editor. Also the mix editor does not block the UI anymore during zoom. A threading issue was also fixed in the mix editor.

Training Mode
A bug was fixed in the Training Mode that sometimes caused tracks that were added to the Playout Playlist did not show up.

Mix editor improved
You can now zoom in with the mouse wheel. Zooming in is also more precise. Playout in the mixeditor can now also be start with the spacebar and by double clicking the mouse on the location it must be starting from.

Training Mode improved
When switching to Training Mode, a new playlist can immediately can be selected. (The mode opening with no playlist selected was confusing.) In Training Mode, the playlist duration is now correctly counted down is the right upper corner. In the Mix Editor the Previous Mix / Next Mix buttons are also operational during Training Mode. When the playlist is empty, some toolbar buttons/context menu items were still enabled, but did not do anything because there was no playlist. This has been fixed.

External schedulers
Using the menu-item "Export tracks…" in the Tracks region of the navigation bar, the tracks database can be exported to a comma separated text file, which can be used to import/sync the Power Studio database with an external scheduler or any other external system e.g. the request page of a website. Also the Power Studio block-import (which can be used to import) van now import macros e.g. news download.

More sound encoders included by default
The MP3 encoder is now included with the installation by default. AAC/AAC+ encoding is also included with the installation. Note that, because of licensing constraints, Winamp needs to be installed to use these AAC/AAC+ encoders.

AAC recording can also be added by downloading the free Nero AAC encoder and placing the file "neroAacEnc.exe" in Power Studio's Encoders folder. The Nero AAC encoder can be downloaded from and other sites.

Support for MP2 recording, can be added by downloading the TwoLAME encoder and placing the file "twolame.exe" in Power Studio's Encoder folder. The TwoLAME encoder can be downloaded from

Various small improvements

  • Fixed defect that caused a non-floating playlist to not start on time after a 1-track-playlist.
  • Fixed cart players & mixeditor control for Velleman & LabJack control plugins
  • Fixed problem that in some conditions caused the on screen player controls to only control the first player
  • Fixed connection problem in multi-studio communication between Power Studio instances
  • When the connection with the remote central playout system is lost, the remotely playing indications in the playlist, are removed
  • LiveWire channels now can be set to empty
  • Fixed problem with the V-Mixer control through LiveWire in a multi-studio setup
  • The maximum wait time when closing Power Studio has been decreased to 30 seconds
  • Improved the reliability of the next-player indicator for the Velleman, LabJack, Midi and LiveWire control plugins
  • Fixed defect in the Item Download plugin, that cause the Minimum Duration setting, to only be enforced when a music bed was added to the download.

Added training-mode
In training-mode, the changes made to the playlist are strictly local and are not written to the database. Also, in a multi-studio environment, the studio in training-mode does not go live. This is ideal for practice-sessions or recording complete shows, without trashing the station's playlist.

Added LabJack U3 remote control plugin
In this release we added support for the LabJack U3 interface module, in addition to the Velleman modules. The LabJack module has more IO, is faster, more robust and comes in a neat red case.

Control multi studio switching from Central Playout
It is now possible to control all on/off air switching from the Central Playout node. (Until now, each studio controlled its own switch, which is still possible.) This functionality can now be leveraged by the LiveWire plugin, which can control an Axia Core's V-Mixer to do the actual switching. This function will be added to the other GPIO plugins in later versions.

Added support for .OPUS files
Support for the playout of this excellent open compression format is added to Power Studio. We can now play files, encoded in this format and play icecast stream in OPUS format.

Remote license update
Power Studio can now be updated, automatically, through the internet. Very convenient and ideal for last minute updates…

Added Aeron to Library Import
The Library Import tool, now also supports conversions from the latest PC Radio family member: Aeron. Upgrading to Power Studio never was this easy!

Added Advanced Audio Settings
Power Studio's audio-pipeline is configured in such a way that every machine should be able to run without issues. However, sometimes it is nice to be able to tweak a buffer size, sample rate or player count. With the Advanced Audio Settings dialog, we make these previously hidden settings available to power-users. Use with care…

Various small improvements

  • Mix Editor button now also loads the mix form the active playlist form to the Mix Editor.
  • Fixed issue with how Power Studio handles regenerated playlists for today.
  • Playout players now display the '&'-sign correctly.
  • The playlist header of empty playlists is now displayed correctly.
  • Fixed Add Track-buttons for empty playlists.
  • Updated audio engine to the latest version.
  • Fixed problem with the Power Traffic background sync.
  • Various small fixes.

Added user settings management functions
Added functionality to allow an admin to reset a user’s settings (which contain screen positions, etc..) It is also possible to copy the settings from another user or copy one’s own settings to another user. It is now also possible to set the settings for the Default User, which determines the screen positions when no-one is logged in and supplies the default screen positions when a user opens the settings for the first time.

Tracks Browser extended
The Tracks Browser now displays the number of tracks that are currently selected in the Tracks Browser.

Improved the PC Radio Library import
An extra text-line now indicates more precisely what the import tool is doing at the moment. We also made the tool more resilient against inconsistent data-storage in de PCR database, and improved the searching for audio files by the import tool

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed issue with Playlist Insight module, where the Clock Format for the analysis lines is not set for fillout lines.
  • Power Studio no longer allows a playing item to be linked to another item, when this would change the player it is playing on.
  • When multiple items are playing and AutomationMode is set to AutomationChannel, keep all playling items in the automation player. (This does however cause that one of the players remains empty until the 'Double playing' player is stopped.)
  • Fixed the "invalid input"-error that sometimes pops-up in the live-screen configuration screen.
  • Fixed 'invalid handle'-error in the playlist generation screen.
  • Improved logging of device+channel assignment on SoundPlayers. Assignment of No sound device is no longer logged as "no stream could be found".
  • Preventing extra EnginePlay actions when a player is being played by the automated playout- fallback meganism.

Added multi-line display to players
The size of the playout-playlist players already could be changed by dragging the right-bottom corner of the players screen. This functionality has been extended to display title and artist on separate lines, if the available size is large enough.

Added “Criteria-seperation” functionality to playlist scheduler
This new functionality allows you generate even more balanced playlists, by setting rules to the number of consecutive times a criterion may appear in a playlist and how many positions this criteria will be blocked afterwards. E.g. after two dance tracks, three other type of tracks or two other type of tracks after a rock track. Note: These rules can only be set for the Track content type.

Added “Max per playlist” functionality to playlist scheduler
This new functionality allows you to limit the number of times a criterion may appear in a playlist. E.g. have only two Dutch records in a playlist. Note: These rules can only be set for the Track content type.

Added “Playlist insight” module

The Playlist insight module, gives the music director a perfect understanding, why a certain record was picked by Power Studio. The clock scheduler form already gives a rough estimate of how many choices are available for a specific clock-line, but the Playlist insight module shows you exactly how many choices were available at the time of playlist creation. You can even dive in deeper and view the playlists’ Search Plan which shows exactly what filter-parameters were used and what search-strategy was actually used to pick the track. From this module it is also possible to navigate directly to the related Clock Format line or Track editor to fine tune either of them, if needed.

Added remote control functionality to Recorder screen

The recorder’s record and play functions can now be controlled by the Midi- and Velleman- plugins. This allows you to, e.g.  automatically start recording every time the microphone is turned on, so you never miss that amazing quote. Which you can immediately share with Power Studio’s social media integration!

Power Traffic communication is now more secure

TLS encryption has now been added to Power Traffic and the communication between Power Studio and Power Traffic. (Note that Windows XP does not know how to handle the SNI-certificates that is used for this. Because of this, Power Studio still uses the normal communication mode on Windows XP.)

  • The Library Import tool, now also supports importing PC Radio Express (6) through the NexusDB ODBC driver.
  • The playlist export save dialog, did not suggest the .pdf file extension correctly on some computers.
  • Fixes race-condition that could cause some files (e.g. commercials) to be started simultaneously on older computers.
  • Fixed possible race condition in the end-of-file logic.

Added printing (and export to PDF) functionality for playlists
Playlists can be sent to the printer and can be exported to PDF files. The playlist can be customized by replacing the logo.png file in the Power Studio\Templates folder.

Added updating track / artist repeat value from the Track Browser popup menu
This allows for easy updating of multiple tracks at the same time. E.g. when moving tracks to another category.

Added filtering on language to the Track Browser

Added track rotation to the Format Scheduler/Clock Format
Normally tracks are selected using a random component. By selecting the "Rotate tracks" checkbox in a Clock Format line, the track that has been scheduled the longest time ago is selected from the tracks that matches the format's criteria, track/artist separation and rating rules.

Select/deselect complete rows and columns in the Track's dayparts
This makes configuring day parts easier.

Added Recorder functionality
Manually record (e.g. from broadcast). This recording could be stored and uploaded to e.g. SoundCloud. Recordings are stored in the Recorder file path (this can be configured in the Recording tab in Options and Settings. Users can also manually export the recorded file, e.g. to a network or thumb drive.

This release fixes the following issues:

  • Fixed issue where the wait-cursor would sometimes remain active.
  • Improved storing/restoring the tree-separator in the Tracks Browse screen.
  • Added a wait time on playlist rollover. (This should also fix the continuous-rollover memory leak.)
  • Fixes race-condition that could cause some files (e.g. commercials) to be started simultaneously on older computers.
  • Bij items die door de "Item Download Plugin" automatisch in de playlist worden ingevoegd, kon het in versie 1.10.1 voorkomen, dat Power Studio deze bestanden niet kon vinden. Dit is in deze release opgelost.
  • Wanneer een playlist van de huidige dag verwijderd wordt (bv. om een rechtgezette fout op te lossen), terwijl er nog een nummer uit deze playlist in automation mode speelt, terwijl een nieuwe playlist gepland en geladen wordt, dan startte een track van de nieuwe playlist door de nog spelende oude track heen. Dit is in deze release opgelost.
  • Power Studio heeft nu een “Multi-Studio” functie. (Central/Automated playout vindt plaats vanuit een machine in de CAR. Een of meerdere live-studios kunnen de uitzending overnemen. Power Studio coördineert dit en stuurt ook het schakelen tussen de studio aan. (bv. via VM110 kaarten)
  • Power Studio kan nu (bv. via VM110 kaarten) een externe recorder aansturen, zodat het programma uitzendklaar, zonder commercialblokken aan het begin/eind van het uur e.d. wordt op genomen. Via een macro kunnen deze opnames automatisch in een toekomstige playlist worden opgenomen
  • De letter grootte van de Playlist en Tracks Browser is nu per gebruiker instelbaar
  • Control plugin voor D&R Airlite toegevoegd
  • Vanuit de Mixeditor kan meteen naar de volgende/vorige overgang van de playlist gesprongen worden, zonder dat die eerst in de playlist geselecteerd moet worden
  • BulletinBuilder heeft nu een “rotate info items” functie, en kan from/to beschikbaarheidsinfo inlezen uit verschillende applicaties
  • Het is nu niet meer mogelijk om per ongeluk meerdere Power Studio instanties naast elkaar te draaien
  • Items die door de ItemDownloadPlugin zijn gedownload of gekopieerd, worden nu alleen opnieuw gerenderd, wanneer dit nodig is (bv. als een muziek bed is toegevoegd, of wanneer het begin of einde is bijgetrimt, of de volume curve is aangepast.)
  • De volgorde van de nog-niet-spelende tracks in de Playout Players, kan nu aangepast worden tracks van plaats te wisselen door drag-en-drop
  • Bij het handmatig genereren van playlists, wordt nu de datum van vandaag voorgesteld, als er geen playlist voor is
  • Drag-en-drop vanuit Windows Explorer is verbeterd
  • Verbeteringen aan de applicatie-afsluit-beschermings-functie
  • De DayFormat-lengte-validatie geeft nu alleen een foutmelding (geen automatische correctie meer!) (Dit geeft o.a. problemen tijdens het invoeren van de wintertijd – de dag heeft dan25 uur…)
  • In het playlist generatie-scherm, groeit de breedte van de messages lijst mee met de breedte van het scherm
  • Power Studio gaat nu beter om met incorrecte file extenties / verkeerde container formaten van de media files
  • Het batch-import scherm, kan nu ook omgaan met een situatie waarbij er geen talen gedefinieerd zijn in Power Studio
  • Defect opgelost in het verslepen van tracks binnen het playout playlist scherm
  • Verbeteringen in de PC Radio 6 library import.
  • Bediening van de Cart Players en Mixeditor toegevoegd aan de MidiControl plugin.
  • Bediening van de Cart Players en Mixeditor toegevoegd aan de Velleman VM110 and VM140 IO board plugins.
  • "Automation" en "Live assist" feedback toegevoegd aan de Velleman VM110 and VM140 IO board plugins.
  • Reactiesnelheid van de Velleman VM110 and VM140 IO board plugins verhoogd.
  • Day format editor en Playlist generator herkennin nu Clocks die na middernacht (de volgende dag dus) starten handelen dit nu specifiek af. (In de editor wordt een waarschuwing getoond, de playlist generator slaat deze clocks over.)
  • De Card Player staat nu niet meer altijd open bij het opstarten van de applicatie.
  • Een betere foutmelding toegevoegd, als inslepen van files vanaf USB niet werkt, door een ontbrekende configuratie.
  • Weeknummer in ISO8601 formaat toegevoegd als Wildcart in de Item download plugin.
  • Mogelijkheid tot authenticatie toegevoegd bij Http downloads in de DownloadItemPlugin. (b.v. voor NOS niews download)
  • Wanneer de ItemDownloadPlugin een file download, maar er zijn geen "transformaties" geconfigureerd, dan wordt nu de gedownloade file zelf gebruikt om af te spelen, ipv de download toch opnieuw te renderen.
  • Aan de Power Traffic koppeling is de mogelijkheid toegevoegd, om commercialblokken voor de hele dag te downloaden, wanneer (een playlist uit) die dag ingeladen wordt, voor playout.
  • Verbeteringen rondom het afsluiten van de applicatie. Zo is het wel of niet kunnen afsluiten van het programma een instelling per user geworden.
  • Kleine verbeteringen in LiveWire plugin nav user feedback
  • Kleine verbeteringen in het afspelen de Live input
  • Verbetering in de Copy-functie van Clock- en Day formats
  • Performace verbetering van de playlist rendering in de GUI
  • Verbeterde timing van Linked items en niet-floating playlist-overgangen
  • Fixed tooltips in "Item download plugin" GUI
  • De standaard "grace period" voor playlists die voor het uur zijn ingepland (mbt bepalen van het uur tbv Power Traffic, Item download plugin en format-grafieken, naar 60 seconden. Dit kan worden aangepast middels de "graceSeconds" appSettings instelling in PowerStudio.config.
  • Opnemen van live bronnen in playlists en clock formats
  • Opnemen van internet stream in playlists en clock formats
  • Ondersteuning voor remote control via (Axia) LiveWire
  • Library Import van PC Radio databases
  • Clock Formats kunnen nu langer dan 99 minuten zijn
  • Clock format editor geeft nu een indicatie van het aantal beschikbare tracks per formatregel
  • Het is nu ook mogelijk om in de playout playlist een aantal regels te linken, over de start van een nieuwe clock heen
  • Probleem opgelost dat er soms voor zorgde dat tracks die ingesleept werden vanaf b.v. een USB stick, elkaar overschreven.
  • Verbetering in hoe het trimmen van het begin van doorgelinkte tracks afgehandeld wordt.
  • Authorisatie van items uit het context menu van de playlist uitgebreid
  • Nieuwe versie van de data-acces componenten
  • Optimalisatie van de code die de playlist op het scherm toont
  • De check op reeds bestaande tracks bij de batch-import is verbeterd
  • In the Playout Playlist, an extra line now indicates the start of a new clock. (Can be turned on/of by a setting)
  • Players A-D can now be started from the keybord (F1 - F4) (Can be turned on/off by a setting)
  • Added a screen to provide insight on at what day/hour a track is planned. (day/hour matrix)
  • Added an analysis graph to provide insight in how many tracks are present with certain criteria.
  • The Item Download Plugin can now check if the downloaded item is longer than a configurable duration and otherwise skip the item.
  • Added a setting to configure the number of seconds a macro is executed, before it's planned/calculated Playout time.
  • When importing tracks, when no Track/Title tags are found in the track, Title and Artist are now extrapolated from the filename.
  • Power Studio now removes Orphaned Artists when Tracks are updated or deleted.
  • Optimiszed the speed of track-deletes from the database.
  • Improved tracks dragging within the Playout Playlist.
  • Verschillende kleine bug fixes.
  • Vanuit de Tracks Browser kunnen nu meerdere tracks tegelijk in de playlist gesleept worden. 
  • De velden created by, Created on, Modified by and Modified on toegevoegd aan Tracks.
  • In the mixeditor, is het nu mogelijk om het begin en einde van tracks te trimmen en un-trimmen. Hiermee kan bv. de intro van een plaat ingekort worden.
  • Wanneer de titel van een Track wordt geupdate, worden nu ook de (toekomstige) playlists met deze naam ge-update.- Use the logged-in user's name as Artist for voicetracks in the playlist.
  • Verbeteringen aan de Power Traffic integratie, waardoor deze beter om kan gaan met grote/veel commercial blokken.
  • De afhandeling van errors die veroorzaakt worden door VST's in het settingsscherm, is verbeterd.
  • Wanneer opgeslagen lokatie van het settings scherm door de een-of-andere reden buiten beeld valt, wordt dit scherm nu binnen-beeld gehaald, zodat het de applicatie niet onbedienbaar maakt, omdat het niet meer weggeklikt kan worden.
  • Zoeken in de Tracks Browser is uitgebreid

  • Filtering in de Tracks Browser dmv de tree is meer intuïtief gemaakt (Het gedrag van de "hoofdgroep-checkboxes" is nu logischer)

  • het is mogelijk de stationsnaam (of een andere tekst) in de titelbalk op te nemen

  • Database communicatie bij het genereren van playlists is nu nog efficienter

  • Nieuwe implementatie van de Shoutcast title plugin
  • Een nieuwe versie van de database driver met verschillende bugfixes
  • Schermindeling per gebruiker
  • Gebruiker kan zelf de playout players groter slepen
  • Verbetering van de audio playout engine
  • Verschillende kleine verbeteringen

Power Sync Client

  • Upgraded to .NET Framework 4.8
  • Updated external packages to most recent versions
  • Various performance and bug fixes
  • Fixed a database corruption that could sometimes occur with larger amount of files being synced
  • Added functionality to reset the local database. This flushes all cache state and rebuilds the local state-info
  • Improved the way Power Sync Client determines which files need to be uploaded/downloaded
  • Reduced the amount of data used while keeping the clients in sync
  • Removed some of unneeded updates to the local database
  • Improved syncing stability
  • Cleaned up writes to the log file

Increased maximum file size to 2 GB.

  • Created proper installer.
  • Added remote error logging.
  • Added icon-db files to the blacklist.

Made the DeleteDetector a little bit more resilliant to duplicate keys in the DB.

Initial release.

Power Sync Server

  • The server now actively blocks out-of-date uploads
  • Power Sync server can now connect to the newest versions of PostgreSQL
  • Improved security of database connection
  • Upgraded to .NET Framework 4.8
  • Updated external packages to most recent versions
  • Various performance and bug fixes
  • Improved speed of the sync strategy algorithm
  • Added functionality to set the Power Sync Server's CPU core affinity
  • Improved the way Power Sync Server determines which files need to be uploaded/downloaded
  • Reduced the amount of data used while keeping the clients in sync
  • Improved syncing stability

Increased maximum file size to 2 GB.

  • Created proper installer.
  • Added configuration tool.
  • Added remote error logging.
  • Added icon-db files to the blacklist.

Made the DeleteDetector a little bit more resilliant to duplicate keys in the DB.

Made a change to prevent different clients to have to wait for each other.

Initial release.