Contemperary, comprehensive and easy to use interface.

Easily manage all your music, jingle and spot assets.

Extensive voicetracking with VST processing stack.

Integrates effortlessly with external hardware and content providers.

Power Studio

Power Studio is a new and revolutionary broadcast automation system.

Power Studio doesn’t copy existing broadcast software. Together with broadcasters we’ve looked at their needs, wishes and dreams regarding broadcast automation. Power Studio is the result of this. But we’re not done. Power Studio keeps reinventing itself from the input of its users.

Constantly updated

A big advantage Power Studio has over other radio automation systems, is that there is no waiting for a next version. Power Studio is constantly being updated with innovations and improvements.

No fuzz

Power Studio is a one stop solution. There is no need for external downloader and linker tools to run your station with up-to-date content and integrate seamlessly with the rest of your studio.

One screen

The Power Studio playlist is the script for broadcast. Music, jingles, news and commercials everything is managed from Power Studios clear and intuitive screen.

Making radio has never been easier!