Support tools

This page contains tools and utilities to help you work with Power Studio, Power Traffic and Power Sync and helps out support team to help you. The Power Studio support remote access tools are powered by TeamViewer.


To use the LabJack U3-LV GPIO module with Power Studio, this driver is required.
JabJack U3-LV driver

Remote access

When the support team is helping you with any issue you may be exporiencing, it may be nescesary for them to remotely access your computer.

The Power Studio support host remains running on you computer and allows Power Studio support to directly access your computer whenever you may require assistance. This is the prefered way of granting support access to you computer.
Power Studio support host

The Power Studio support quick access tool, is ideal when you need to grant support quick, one time access to a machine you normally don't use to run Power Studio software. Just download the tool and run it. No installation necessary.
Power Studio support quick access

.NET version detector

.NET Version Detector is a lightweight tool that gives information on the different versions of Microsoft .NET that are installed on a machine.

If a certain version isn't on the machine, you can simply follow the link that .NET Version Detector suggests, so it is easier for the novice user to find the runtimes.

Detailed information is given of where the .NET Frameworks are installed with links to the directories. The details can easily be copied by a user, to paste in a mail. It supports commandline options to export data to file (txt/xml) and not show the user application.
.NET version detector