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Power Studio Tutorials

On this page you will find Tutorials and information to get the most out of Power Studio. We will be adding new tutorials regulary. We're also interested to hear on what subjects you would like to see more tutorials. Please let us know through the support desk, or use the contact page.

Installing Power Studio

This article demonstrates how to install the Power Studio software and the required PostgreSQL database server.

It is important to create regular backups of your Power Studio database. This article describes how to automatically create backups using a script.
Power Studio Automated Database Backup

Automatically downloading and playing pre-recorded / syndicated shows

This tutorial shows you how to automatically download syndicated programs and insert them in the playlist.

To do this, a Download Macro is created. Wildcards are used to make the Macro more flexible.
The tutorial also demonstrates how these Macros can be used in a Clock Format, to automatically add the syndicated program to the playlist.

Automatically incorporating a live stream in the broadcast

This tutorial shows you how to incorporate the signal from a remote broadcast or a live stream. Power Studio supports live inputs (e.g. from a Barix or Comrex codec) or Icecast and Shoutcast streams for this.

Make sure to watch Automatically downloading and playing pre-recorded / syndicated shows for more information on how to include the live streams in Clock Formats.

User management

How to add a new user to Power Studio...

Handling Daylight Saving Time

To have smooth transitions during the start and end of Daylight Saving Time, we recommend following the these procedures.

Windows Update

It is undesirable for a Power Studio playout machine to stop playout because Window Update kicks in. Maybe it even wants to restart the PC.
This article describes how to disable Windows Update using the build in Policy Editor.